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Work Permit

Conditions for Working:

Foreigners can work in public institutions or in private entities if it does not affect the continuity of studies. They can Work to meet the expenses involved for maintaining a family or to pay for boarding and lodging, while improving language and professional skills which is regulated by an international agreement.

Requirements to be met are:

A valid job offer,

The job undertaken must be compatible with the completion of the studies,

The income derived must not be a necessary resource for the holder’s livelihood or stay


The above said permit is valid till the work contract is in force and may not exceed the duration of the student visa or permit.


Work permits can be renewed if the situation of the prior grant continues to exist,

If these requirements are not fulfilled, the student must leave Spain. If there is a job offer he/she may continue with the legal procedures and ask for legal advice. The spouse of a foreigner may obtain a visa to enter and stay in Spain during the period of study /research. The spouse has no right to engage in lucrative activities.


The foreigner who stays in Spain to complete research projects under an agreement signed with a research organization is allowed to hold a residence and work permit which can be renewed annually if the holder fulfills the continuity norm and meets the conditions set initially. Teaching or performing other research activities is allowed. For highly educated persons Blue Cards are issued. They are defined as those who have accredited qualifications of higher education or have a minimum of five years of professional experience within the terms of the rules and regulations.


Temporary residence permit allows an International student to stay in Spain up to five years.

There are several classes in this and for the first time the applicant has to mandatorily mention his/her intention to stay in Spain.

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