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Tuition Fees

In Spain, Admission fees for bachelor’s degrees vary between 680 and 1,400 € per academic year. This fee structure was established officially by the education authorities. The Autonomous Community itself will fix the amount to be paid and set by the central government. In the same way, the fee structure for official postgraduate studies like doctoral and Masters at both private and public universities was established by the education authorities. However, education in Spain comes under the jurisdiction of the regional governments. However, it has all the rights to either increase or to decrease the amounts set by the central government for universities.

Depends upon the student’s previous academic performance, the institution, and the degree the registration fee at Private Universities varies from Euros 5335 to 15,000 per academic year. This will be decided by the universities itself.

At both public and private universities, course fees for official master’s and doctoral degrees are regulated by the government. For the last academic year the fees will be within a range set between 22€ and 34€ per credit. Although the fee may increase or decrease depends upon the ECTS credits. Therefore, a master’s course comprising 60 ECTS credits may cost between 995€ and 1920€.

Here is an example of tuition fees:

  • For first enrollment it is from EUR 7.17 to 16 per credit
  • For second enrollment it is from EUR 8.20 - 17.56 per credit
  • For third enrollment or more it is from- EUR 10.24 - 20.75 per credit

Considerably, a Bachelor's program is worth 180 credits for three years (60 credits per year). Similarly a Master of Science program is worth 240 credits for four years (60 credits per year).

The fee for Master programmes is EUR 15.36 per credit and for Doctoral programmes it is 37.24 per credit. A Master's program requires 60 - 80 credits, and for a Doctoral program it is 30-80 per credits.

However, the costs are much lower than in the UK ranging from £400 to £1,000 per year. Private universities are much more expensive.

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